Motorcycle Maintenance You Must Perform before Travelling

According to the Office of Road Safety, “before each journey you should be confident that your motorcycle will not let you down at a critical moment”. Well, you can be sure of that if you do the following:

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  • Check that all parts are in good working condition. This includes the steering, suspension, horn, headlights, taillights, indicators, and brakes.

  • Examine the tyre pressure and tread depth. It must be inflated according to specifications or at least 1.5 mm deep over the entire surface. You should also look for cracks or bumps on the sidewalls.

  • Inspect if the rubber rings are wearing unevenly. If it is, then have your steering or suspension fixed as either one is the likely cause.

Most importantly, evaluate yourself if you are roadworthy. Keep in mind that driving a motorcycle is more physically and mentally demanding than a car, which is why you must have all the right bearings once you start moving out of the house and onto the motorway.