Basic Essentials of a Motorbike Exhaust System

Common sense dictates that the big cylindrical pipe installed at the back of any motorcycle is where the hot air goes out. However, for any serious biking enthusiasts, having that knowledge is not enough. You need to know that that is just one of the many components that support the engine.

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Thus, if you want to be serious in understanding how your motorbike runs, knowing the basics will help. As such, the following are brief information of each of the parts included in this system.


These items are originally made from cast iron that restricts the flow of air. Mostly, they are heavy, which can significantly reduce the speed of your motorcycle. To enhance performance, replace them with an after-market exhaust header because this can improve the speed of gas flow.

Silencers, Mufflers, and Resonators

Basically, these accessories are for the purpose of reducing sounds coming from the system. Mufflers are more effective in achieving that; however, the silencers are known to be less damaging.

Catalytic Converters

They are used to reduce emissions coming from the engine. However, they can be damaging to the bike's high-end power as they create a pressure back to it. This will result in a decrease of performance. Of course, the decision of removing or replacing them will have to entirely depend on the laws in your region, state, or country. As already mentioned, they help in reducing pollution in the air.


These are the items that run through the entire exhaust system as well as connect all the other elements together. Do understand, however, that it is contrary to believe that width does not dictate the kind of power your engine should have. Put into memory that there should always be a maintained balance to guarantee optimum performance.

In closing, these items make up this particular system of your bike. Thus, they should work in harmony when you want a better riding experience. As such, if there is one of them that needs replacement, consider replacing it right away to improve your ride's performance. To help you, shop at Brian Connor's Motorcycle Centre to find parts. This way, you will not be bogged down with the hassle of finding compatible components for this system.