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Welcome Aquila Classics to the Hyosung Family

Brian Connor - Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hyosung have introduced two new 'Aquila Classic' cruisers to their already extensive range of motorbikes.

The Hyosung GV650C - Aquila Classic (developed especially for the Australian market) and the Hyosung GV700C - Aquila Classic boast a completely new chassis featuring a very relaxed riding position combined with traditional classic styling.

Hyosung GV650C - Aquila Classic

This smaller engined version of the 700C was developed especially for the Australian market to be LAMS compliant, powered by a 650cc 47kW version of Hyosungs 90° V-twin engine. At 47kW this makes the GV650C Aquila Classic the most powerful LAMS bike in the country!

Hyosung GV700C - Aquila Classic

The all new GV700C Aquila Classic has a 680cc longer stroke version of Hyosungs 90° V-twin engine producing 46kW. This engine has been designed to provide more grunt at lower revs for a more relaxed and authentic cruiser riding experience.

As this engine is 680cc it is only LAMS approved in ACT.

You can read a review and more information from Australian Motorcycle News here:

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